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Holand Leasing + Omega Leasing

Through Holand Leasing and Omega Leasing, the Holand Automotive Group provides automotive leasing services to both individuals and businesses.

The companies' extensive pre-owned inventory covers all brands and models, including budget-conscious vehicles, light cargo vans and trucks, as well as luxury and performance cars.

Holand Automotive Group


Equipment and specialty vehicle leasing

Part of Holand Leasing's operations focuses on leasing specialty equipment to diverse industries such as construction, transport, retail and small to large businesses.

Holand Leasing helps businesses achieve growth through healthier cash flows, tax benefits and convenient leasing terms.


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Automotive leasing
// SUVs
// Cars
// Buses
// Trucks
// Bobcats
// Trailers
// Forklifts
// Cube vans
// Transport
// Snow removal
Equipment leasing
// Medical equipment
// Golf carts & turf care
// Automotive Shop equipment
// Computer & networking
// Communication & telephone
Construction equipment
// Trucks
// Diggers
// Planers
// Carriers
// Excavators
// Bulldozers
// Compactors
// Tar equipment
// Cement trucks