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Why buying an off-lease car is smart

Whether you're on the market for a used Porsche, a used Audi, a used Mercedes-Benz, a used BMW or any other exotic vehicle, buying a car off lease is a smart move. Among pre-owned vehicles, off-lease cars present tremendous value:

Lower price
New vehicles depreciate from the moment you leave the dealership's lot. After 36 months, a leased vehicle will have lost of 40% of its average market value. When you buy a car off lease, you buy right after it's lost the bulk of its value, at a point when the depreciation starts slowing down.

Low mileage
Manufacturers impose strict mileage limits of leased vehicles, with hefty extras for every kilometer over the limit. This means by buying an off-lease car, you can expect a vehicle with significantly lower mileage.

Excellent condition
Manufacturers are also very strict when it comes to routine maintenance and repairs on leased vehicles. This is why off-lease cars are typically in excellent condition.

It's no wonder then that leased return cars are so popular: everyone loves a good deal! So how do you buy a car off lease? It's quite simple. As one of Canada's leading automotive leasing companies, Holand Leasing has hundreds of vehicles coming off-lease every year.

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