Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Keeping businesses on the road

Business of any size

The bulk of our client base is composed of individuals who lease two or three pieces of equipment. While we are capable of supporting large fleet needs, we enjoy working with entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses as well.

Holand Automotive Group employs over 80 people in Canada

What you won't find anywhere else

Holand Leasing's greatest asset is its agile structure and concentrated team, which allow us to provide a level of service and efficient response few companies can match.

  • Our turn-around time is typically within the same day, maximum 24 hours.
  • Our Credit Department is composed of only two people, which speeds up the decision-making process. Both have been with us for 32 and 37 years, respectively.
  • Holand Leasing always assigns a dedicated representative to a client, and we often insist on meeting the client in person, travelling if necessary. Our experience allows up to draft up term sheets on lease agreements quickly and provide immediate response - a key point when servicing entrepreneurs.
  • We own several car dealerships rather than outsource like most finance firms. This provides us with more flexibility when servicing customers.